Monday, June 9, 2008

another year older -My 2008 Research In Progress seminar

I just finished giving my annual Research in Progress seminar for the iCAPTURE Heart and Lung research institute where I "work".  In the talk, titled "The social construction of a semantic web for the life sciences" which might someday be the title of my thesis, I describe results from comparisons of different approaches to the indexing problem (like MEDLINE versus Connotea ..) and use those results to motivate the Entity Describer project.  I also spent a short digression on my experiences with "publishing" the ideas for that project on my blog and encouraging the younger grad students to do the same thing with their work.

I think that, in general, the talk was well received, but we will see if it actually produces any new users ;) !

On the Entity Describer front, I should point out that we have a couple new people working on various aspects of it and that their work will be described on the ED developer blog.  (Throw out a comment for our most active contributer Paul!).  I will continue to write about the project here, but it is my hope that the other site will be a better source for more technical commentary as the project unfolds over time.

Feelin groovy today (despite the ongoing onslaught of "Junuary" in YVR.