Friday, June 13, 2008


Today was a good day. I made absolutely no progress on my research and did not otherwise move myself any closer to graduation. But, today, that is ok , because, today, I was not actually trying to do either. Today, frustration at delays from a collaborator, burning curiosity, and the need to devise a Father's Day present, practically forced me to take the day and play with the Google App Engine. Apologies to my supervisor..

What I learned from my explorations today:
  • Python is really much easier to learn from scratch and by example than javascript (thankfully)
  • In fact, Python is actually pretty cool, despite having the rather surprising "feature" of interpreting the amount of indentation in the code as having meaning (that was a surprise, but easily adapted to)
  • I was already pretty convinced from the videos of the Google developer's meeting, but now its really just bleedingly obvious that this is how the next generation of web application is going to be born
I'd show you what I did... but Google currently has added the requirement of the possession of an SMS receiving phone to authenticate appengine accounts for deployments and, surprise!, I don't actually have one. I bet the combination of interest in developing with the appengine and lack of a mobile phone puts me in a very small group of people.. (I'm not a luddite, but mobile rates are ridiculous in Canada - and we don't even have legal iPhones yet).