Friday, May 30, 2008

updates to ED

Since the last post, we've made a couple minor changes to the ED interface based on feedback we've received. Changes visible in the current version were intended to meet these objectives

  1. clear separation between normal user created tags and semantic tags 
  2. easier access to previously added user tags
  3. easier to add many semantic tags to the same post
We also noticed that several new users were tagging exclusively with private posts.  To clarify the fact that private posts don't go into our database and that the semantics of the tags added to private posts are therefore inaccessible, we've added a warning message that appears whenever private bookmarks are posted through the system.  In the words or Eddie, the javascript guru of this project, 
"... go private they will,
annoy them we must ..."
We may at some point expand the ED functionality to support private bookmarks, but for now, we think its fair that if people would like to use a free, social system they share openly.  Private bookmarks will still be posted to Connotea as they currently are without ED and the non-sharing users will still benefit from the semantic tags during the process of tagging.

I've also gone ahead and added ED to the growing list of semantic tagging projects that I am beginning to compile.