Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scratch that

So in the end, she convinced to try to go to scifoo after all.. She is awesome! It turned out that Timo extended the invitation to her as well!  It is definitely going to be one of the most unique honeymoon experiences ever.

If you are coming, see you at SciFoo !  
If not, look forward to some good blogging here in August this year.


Ian Mulvany said...

Hey, Congrats!, on getting married, and getting to SciFoo!

Morgan Langille said...

Now I am really jealous!

Benjamin Good said...

Hi Ian, thanks!

By the way, once you fully realize how much your own wedding is going to cost, you might just get that iPhone anyway :) a drop in the bucket..

Pedro Beltrao said...

Great ! By the way, that means that you should also come to the BioBarCamp and say hello to the rest of us that were not invited ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, wow, you really have an understanding wife-to-be. Enjoy scifoo and fill your boot!