Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Cure Round 2 underway

Come see a fresh new interface and a more challenging set of boards in round 2 of The Cure!

Will Barney defeat us?  Only you can stop him!

The SAGE challenge finishes in two weeks and we need you to play to show what The Cure can do!

Play now,



Unknown said...

For what it's worth, it wasn't clear to me what I was supposed to do in the training round.

Benjamin Good said...

Darn.. looks like some of our 'enhancements' screwed things up. There should have been a message indicating that you should pick one of the cards. You pick a card, then Barney picks a card - back and forth till the round is over and the winner is decided based on who picked the best cards.

Unknown said...

I realized I was picking cards but I didn't instantly understand why. I was going through it pretty fast and might easily have missed an essential instruction.

Benjamin Good said...

Regardless of how fast you went through it, the basic concept should be pretty clear or we failed hard there - which I guess we did.

The whole point of the training stage was just to teach you the idea that the game works by picking cards and that you win by picking the cards that are most relevant to making predictions about the class of interest. In the mammal game, the best feature you could find would be 'produces milk' (100% accurate!) but you also have to try to deal with situations where you might not have the optimal feature at your disposal.

Interface design.. hard. Thanks for trying it out! Hopefully its next incarnation will be better.

Unknown said...

By the end of the training I realized what was going on, so it wasn't a devastating failure. I think an extra one-liner somewhere early on will make it clear.