Thursday, September 30, 2010

community annotation workshop - what is working? what is not?

If you are interested in progress on the front of community intelligence in biology, the wrap up from the GMOD community annotation satellite meeting is well worth a look.

A couple highlights
  • Fail: "UniProt, a pan-biology resource if ever there was one, had 46 million page views lead to only 9 comments being submitted. "
  • Win: Following in line with the "distributed grid of undergraduate students" approach to gene annotation, the CACAO project has achieved "stunning" success. They get teams of students to compete against each other on both quantity and quality of annotations. Quality is determined in Scrabble-esque fashion where points are awarded based on the opposing team's ability to successfully challenge and disprove the other team's annotations.


Mark Wilkinson said...

So the gaming paradigm wins! You always suspected that...

Benjamin Good said...

Looks good in this case :). Probably helps that the professor can fail the players in the game if they don't play .