Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a night in Vancouver

This was originally going to be titled something along the lines of "day 1,657 in grad school" and was going to be something of a lament about the extreme inefficiency of my "research" activities during that time. However, I think the events of last night really need to be recorded because they describe the ups and downs of life in this city so well.

My fiancee, her sister and I headed out to dinner at Gyoza King, one of our favorite restaurants in the city. As we walked past our car (parked as it usually is on the street) I noticed a yellow, parking ticket-like note on the windshield and went to inspect it. It said "learn how to park A*hole!".. How nice. And the car wasn't even parked badly! A little ruffled, but unswayed in our mission for fine Japanese cuisine, we ventured on.

Arriving just before the crowds (about 6:30pm), we managed to snag one of the low, Japanese-style tables and creakily folded our soon-to-be-aching knees under ourselves onto the floor. After inspecting the extensive menu, we ordered a mass of delightful treats like gyoza (of course), various kinds of sashimi, fish in miso sauce, fried tofu, and many more. As we sat enjoying a cheap ($8/300ml) bottle of saki, we noticed the staff suddenly go dashing out the door. A few minutes later, they returned with a disheveled and now very distressed woman who had dined and dashed. It became quite disturbing as she pleaded for the table she had been sitting next to (who she did not know) to pay for her dinner and begged the restaurant not to call the police because she didn't want to be arrested again.

This is the essence of downtown Vancouver, this moment.


Anonymous said...

Your "dine and dash" scenario is really quite common! Good for them that they caught her... it happened to me (again) last week at lunch time with a woman who dashed from Kisha Popo but they didn't manage to catch her. As she walked out she said that she was with the people at the table next to her, and that they were paying for her food!