Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Return of OntoLoki - on a Freaky Friday

One of my favorite traditions initiated in Mark Wilkinson's laboratory (where I did my PhD) was "Freaky Friday".  Following the spirit of Google's "20% time", lab members were encouraged to take out some time on Friday to pursue their own crazy ideas - leaving their core projects aside for a few hours.  This was fun and ended up producing some useful things like "Tag clouds for summarizing web search results" (one of my most cited articles and only 2 pages long!) and "The Entity Describer".  In this spirit, I took out some time last Freaky Friday to do something very far away from the things I should really be doing.  Sadly I didn't hack something fun together.  Instead, per Dr. Wilkinson's 50th request for me to do this, I performed a Frankensteinian resurrection.  Digging deep into the grave of my PhD dissertation, I found the one unpublished chapter, cleaned it up, and deposited it into the arXiv.  The project, called OntoLoki, is now undead!  Check out this undead manuscript about automatic quality evaluation for ontologies.

I am OntoLoki!  Feed me your ontologies for evaluation!

OntoLoki: an automatic, instance-based method for the evaluation of biological ontologies on the Semantic Web

Benjamin M. Good
Gavin Ha
Chi K. Ho
Mark D. Wilkinson