Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sepublica 2012 deadline extended

Deadline extended: now March 18

http://sepublica.mywikipaper.org/ – the future of scholarly communication and scientific publishing

SePublica2012 an ESWC2012 Workshop.
May 27 or 28 (exact day to be announced), Heraklion, Greece.

At Sepublica we want to explore the FUTURE OF SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION and SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING. As we are going through a transition between print media and Web media, Sepublica aims to provide researchers with a venue in which this future can be shaped. Consider research publications: Data sets and code are essential elements of data intensive research, but these are absent when the research is recorded and preserved by way of a scholarly journal article. Or consider news reports: Governments increasingly make public sector information available on the Web, and reporters use it, but news reports very rarely contain fine-grained links to such data sources.  At Sepublica we will discuss and present new ways of publishing, sharing, linking, and analyzing such scientific resources as well as reasoning over the data to discover new links  and scientific insights.

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