Wednesday, May 25, 2011

moving to tSRI

The Gene Wiki and I are following Andrew Su down the street to the nascent SuLab at the Scripps Research Institute.  Its not going to be an enormous change for me - its literally the next building down the street, I'll remain a postdoc, and I will continue with ongoing Gene Wiki projects - but I think its still going to be a very positive move and I'm excited about it.  Scripps is a much more academic environment than GNF and I think that mentality will suit me and my projects better.  One thing I'm going to strive to do at my new home will be to increase my blogging activity - more on the how and why of that later..


Morgan Langille said...

Sounds like a positive move indeed! I too keep telling myself I need to get back to blogging more. One day soon I think,

Salvatore Loguercio said...

Best wishes Ben, looks like a good move!

malachig said...

Nice. Sounds awesome. Can't beat the location either... :)

- Malachi