Monday, February 28, 2011

Gene Wiki on Twitter

As you may notice in the new live twitter feed to the right (if you are reading this at blogger), a new entity has entered the twittersphere.  The GeneWikiPulse provides a live (well within a couple minutes) feed of editing activity on the Gene Wiki.  In a nutshell, a program is watching all the articles in the Gene Wiki and doing its level best to turn every editing event into an informative message in 140 characters or less.  Each such tweet is signed with a hashtag for the official gene symbol and the responsible editor.  

This is the first little step we've taken to increase community engagement for Gene Wiki since I got started and I'm very curious to see how people react.  If you have any ideas for improving this stream, let me know!

For a tad more info., check out the post describing the Gene Wiki Pulse on the BioGPS blog.

Oh yes, and please go ahead and follow the GeneWikiPulse!