Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guessing GOAs

Guess what! I'm looking for a database of gene annotation guesses - the Not-Quite Gene Ontology Annotation database (NQ-GOA).

We have built a system for generating guesses of new gene ontology annotations for genes. I would like to see how our results compare with other systems' guesses because, my guess is that the more we are guessing the same thing using different guessing instruments, in general, the more we are likely to guess correctly, I guess.

So, where are your best guesses?


Morgan Langille said...

A best guess GO. I think that is what GO already is? But still it would be interesting.

You will probably be interested in this: http://biofunctionprediction.org/

Benjamin Good said...

"I think that is what GO already is?" -> Exactly!

We should build our tools based on the premise that the GO annotations (and any other piece of recorded 'knowledge') are only "true" - in certain contexts and with varying levels of confidence. If we did this, it would make our knowledge-based tools more honest and would open up a lot of interesting new ways to work with (much more) data.

Chris Mungall said...


Benjamin Good said...

This resource suggested by 'Chris' is very much what I was looking for - FuncBase. Thanks Chris!