Friday, June 18, 2010

Peter Mika at SD Semantic Web Meetup tomorrow

For anyone in San Diego with an interest in the Semantic Web, tomorrow's meetup is a must. The presenter for the day will be Peter Mika from Yahoo! Research in Barcelona, stopping in on his way to SemTech. Peter gained early career fame for investigations into the relationships between social networks and the semantic web such as the award winning "Ontologies are us: a unified model of social networks and semantics". Abstract from the Meetup site below, hope to see you there.

"While current search techniques aim at ever more sophisticated methods for searching over hypertext, the Semantic Web promises to break boundaries in search by transforming the content itself into a form that is more easily processable by machines.

In this talk, we will discuss some of the possible technologies for annotating content for machine processing and showcase some of the ways that semantic annotations can improve the search experience for users. In the first part of the talk, we will describe existing and upcoming formats for embedding metadata inside web content, including microformats, RDFa, Facebook's Open Graph format and HTML5's microdata. We illustrate these formats with practical examples, show some of the tools that can help authoring and give guidance on best practices and point out some of the pitfalls, drawing on our experience from working with large publishers. In the second part of the talk, we will discuss research in semantic search and demonstrate its applications in Semantic Web search engines and web search engines with semantic extensions, including Yahoo's Search Monkey and Google's Rich Snippets."