Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in haiku

2009 was a big year for me.  Aside from the minor details of finishing my PhD, having my first child, and moving back to California, I started to use my 2 year old Twitter account!  Yes, I know, I'm so unique.  Anyway, when I started tweeting I had the grand idea that I would make all my tweets Haikus.  This didn't last long but I still occasionally try to slip one into the stream.  Inspired by my Twitter inspired poetweetry, I present my year 2009 in Haiku.

January came
with it furious writing
then deliverance

Snowy mountain trip
powdery time of waiting
good news 

Spring offers a test
and with it anxiety
happy its over

The city cooked
in underwear  I coded
while sweating light beer

Clouds return to me
a belly swells with new life

Stork flies on cold wind
screams of pain bring fear and joy
intense genesis

Riding on the storm
homecoming is imminent

Happy New Year!

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