Monday, September 14, 2009

Strange reality of academic workspace

My sister forward this job posting to me.

We are looking for a researcher or consultant to participate in the
collaborative development of Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies (NEMO). This
NIH-sponsored position would involve developing ontologies for
representation of patterns in event-related brain potentials (ERP) data
that reflect various aspects of language processing.

The Associate would work with members of our International NEMO Consortium
(experts in EEG and MEG studies of language) to develop, manage, and curate
ontology and database structures for this project. Please see the website
for more information, and contact Gwen Frishkoff if you have any questions.
The ideal candidate would have a background in cognitive neuroscience,
experience with database design and curation, and/or familiarity with
Protege/OWL ontology development
Sounds like an interesting job that matches my background pretty well, but read on..
Salary will be commensurate with experience in the range of $30-$40K per year.
Perhaps I'm just greedy...


marijke said...

Maybe it is intended as a part-time job for a consultant-with-a-PhD? (and it pays better than unemployment benefit, opportunity for some experience, broaden one's network, etc).

But if they mean ft, they do not seem to have much of an idea what competencies they're asking for. I've seen more of such descriptions that require several degrees to do a good job whilst asking for a single BSc/MSc and similar pay. It makes me wonder that perhaps they want a quick hack only, but not a good and maintainable solution...

Benjamin Good said...

Nope, I think its a full-time job but that its intended for a recent B.S. graduate looking for a road into a research environment. 10 years ago that would have been me, now not so much.

I don't think they are intentionally looking for a quick hack - just that they don't have a lot of experience in the area. Who knows, if they manage to catch the right, bright young mind maybe they will learn enough on the job to produce a great product.

I guess the posting just stuck out because if that job was posted by a non-academic institution the salary would probably about double.. Of course, then they would expect you to show up before 10am, take limited vacations, and actually meet tight deadlines.

So maybe everything is really exactly as it should be ;).

Anonymous said...

Interesting, never thought of it that way. I was referring to mariijke about the compensation.