Monday, April 6, 2009

So long 23rd grade!

After all the stress and the worry of the last few months I finally made it to the other side.  Now, I suppose its ok to call me Dr. Feel Good if you insist ;)

I will refrain from doling out advice to my formerly fellow 23rd graders and just give a couple highlights for posterity:

Best advice I received before the defense: "Have fun with it" - Nicole Quenneville.

Worst beginning to an answer I gave: "That is a really hard question!"  (laughter and heckling emerging immediately from the committee and the audience) - (Note that I did subsequently answer the question).  

Questions I had the hardest time answering: 
  1. "What is bioinformatics?" - Francis Ouellette
  2. "What emerging technologies do you think might have the biggest impact on the future of your research?"  - Wyeth Wasserman
Best response from an examiner when I said I was still deciding about my next career steps (hint hint), "No way, I'm crowdsourcing everything from now on!" - Paul Pavlidis

Thanks one more time to everyone that has helped and encouraged me along the way - you all rock!

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