Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Branche le monde

Branche le monde...
On the right is a depiction of Francois Belleau of bio2rdf "linking the world" by Jean Giraud (AKA 'Moebius'). I love the sound and the meaning of this statement (which I found in the signature lines of Francois's emails). I liked it so much in fact that I used it as both the opening and the closing quote for my PhD dissertation.  To me, it sounds both warm and powerful.  As Francois explained to me (as I am language impoverished):
'"Branche le monde" means in French different things. Branche means to plug into, like to plug in an electrical wall socket, so branche means to connect into the Internet, someone, like me, is said to be "branched" or connected if you prefer.  A branche have also the "tree branches" meaning in french.  "Le monde" means also two things: the people and the world.  So branche le monde means :  Connect the people to the Internet 
Plug the world to Internet but it could also means plug th people to the internet plugged to the world.  or else 
connect people together !'
Like I said, both warm and powerful, I love it!

p.s. the dissertation goes to the external examiner today - hope they like the quote ;)


Fuzziebrain said...

Congratulations Ben! All the best!