Sunday, August 24, 2008

things I should write

This always happens.  I go to a meeting of some kind, get loaded up with new ideas and experiences, get excited about writing about them, and then reality comes crashing back down and I never end up finding the time to do the writing properly, if at all.  Before the memories of scifoo slip further away, I just want to note some ideas I had for posts about the experience.  If any of them strike your interest, let me know and I will do my best to do a complete post on the topic.

  1. People I met at scifoo
  2. Things I collected at scifoo
  3. Google's role in the future of bioinformatics
  4. Micro-credits.  How to assign credit and blame in the smaller, newer bits that compose pieces of open science projects or other useful collaborative endeavors
  5. My brief talk with Geoffrey Carr, the science editor for The Economist
  6. Google could care less about meta-data, my talk with Peter Norvig and Christine Borgman.  
  7. What I would do differently if I ever go to another foo camp
  8. Why I should have been twittering
  9. cell phones versus one laptop per child
  10. Impressions of the Google campus
I'll leave it at that, let me know if anything strikes your fancy!


Bill Hooker said...

Your #4 is kind of an obsession of mine, so I vote for a post on microcredit! (Maybe "microcitation" or something, to distinguish from things like Grameen Bank?)

Anonymous said...

I vote for #6.

Morgan Langille said...

I'm curious about #7. I find I'm always kicking myself after attending a conference for numerous reasons; usually because I wasn't brave enough to introduce myself to a researcher.

Anonymous said...

I know you are busy but I would like to hear about #3,5,6 and 9. (This is not helping to narrow your list, I know.)

Benjamin Good said...

Hmm.. not much of a consensus forming so far. Feel free to vote again ;)

Bill. I think micro-credit is a better term then micro-citation because the concept is much farther reaching than academia. At some point I can imagine such micro-credits actually being translated into money in some situations.

Morgan. As you might expect, it mainly amounts to being less shy, but being better prepared would also help quite a bit.

Ian Mulvany said...


Anonymous said...

#6, please!

Benjamin Good said...

Well it looks like the 6's have it with 4 votes for now so I guess I should dig into the Google verse the librarians discussion!

Second place includes a tie for google's role in the future of bioinformatics, micro-credits, and cell-phones verse one laptop-per-child. My hundredth post is coming up so maybe I will try to save one of these for that momentous event.

Benjamin Good said...

Alrighty, I took a crack at the google doesn't care about meta-data idea. Let me know what you think about it!