Friday, August 8, 2008

scifoo arrival

Well its now just past 12:00am on August 8 and I'm in my official scifoo hotel room already, browsing through the scifoo wiki.  Its exciting, inspirational, and, of course, somewhat intimidating to see the array of brilliance they have assembled here.  Here are just a few session suggestions that caught my bleary eye in a rapid scan (the list is very long already)

"Make your own future" – Can scientists come out and play? I'm launching two massively multiplayer forecasting games this fall, and the goal is to get a LOT of scientists to play. I'll demo the platforms and talk about why I think scientists should spend more time playing games and imagining the future. (Jane McGonigal)"
"Why Whales are Weird: Comparative Anatomy and Evolution" by — Joy Reidenberg.
Her self-bio is characteristic of many scifooers - "(My research is in comparative anatomy particularly of marine animals, I am an artist, and I also teach Human Anatomy, Histology, and Anatomic Radiology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York".
Another interesting session proposal on "Collaborative Action Networks" by Paul Biondich.

So much to share! but I am jetlagged and should be sleeping up for tomorrow.. hope to write often this weekend.


Stew said...

Did you get married yet?

Benjamin Good said...

Sure did :) . Having a little trouble transitioning from honeymoon frame of mind into conference mode..

Stew said...

Heh. Congratulations to you both. :)