Friday, April 25, 2008


The Entity Describer is back and, we think, much better.  Give it a try from its new home at and please do let us know what you think. 

There is more information on the website, but briefly, the Entity Describer enhances the Connotea experience by enabling Semantic Tagging with Freebase.  Essentially it makes it both easy and enjoyable to say what you mean when you tag something.

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Anonymous said...

Cool, but the main advantage is not implemented!?

tags have no relation to its origin in freebase, ther should somehow be connected to its unique ID

Benjamin Good said...

Hi skurt, thanks for having a look!
The information is being captured, it just isn't visible for the users just yet. As in the previous version, the associations between the tags and the URIs describing the semantic content, in this case freebase Topics linked to Types, in the previous case terms linked to ontologies, will be used to generate different views over individual and collective bookmark collections. Before we release our own interfaces though, we'll be implementing a very simple API that will let other people use the collected data as they please.

Have any suggestions ?

Anonymous said...

suggesteions for what? interface or API-uses cases?

it would be great to use your freebase suggested tagging for delicious-bookmarks
(because i don't use connotea...)