Monday, February 11, 2008

another Scientific American article on the Semantic Web


A follow-up to the much cited Scientific American article on the Semantic Web has recently come out.  Would love to say more about it, but I can't find a free copy at the moment..  

Links related to the new article now:
If anyone has a copy, perhaps you could bravely post it somewhere and comment a link to it?

Its both funny and I think instructive that the number one hit in Google Scholar when searching for "semantic web" is to the first (2001) article in this now two-part series, but that, out of the 36 versions of that article that are listed, none of them link to Scientific American in any way!  Seeing that the article has been cited more then 5,000 times, it seems that S.A. could probably have made a quite a bit of money one way or another if they had decided to host a free public version from the outset and remained the main provider of that information.