Monday, September 24, 2007

E.D. update

In response to some complaints about slow load time, we've implemented a temporary fix that should make you happier. Basically, your E.D. vocabularies are now only loaded a) after the basic add to connotea page is loaded and b) if you request at that time that you want to use them.

This way, if you just want to tag something to_read quickly and move on with your life, you can do so without any extra delay, but, if you want to use the controlled vocabularies, you can do so with only one more button click. In addition, as we implement improvements to the script you will see them via the auto-update feature.

So.. if you were one of those that un-installed the E.D. script because you got tired of waiting for the vocabs to load, please don't be afraid to re-install it and use the semantic tagging capabilities when and how you see fit.

install the add to connotea E.D. script
install the user library browsing E.D. script


Morgan Langille said...

Sweet! I didn't uninstall the script, but I was turning grease monkey on and off.