Monday, August 27, 2007

ED and memory...

So the first ED users have met with some problems.. Right now, ED loads up the selected vocabularies into memory on the client computer. If your machine doesn't have enough memory, this can cause Firefox to hang. (We haven't had problems in tests on a windows machine and a mac - both with 2GB ram).

We are working on a change that should alleviate this problem. For the moment, you can reduce the chances of problems by running fewer applications at the same time as Firefox and keeping only a few of the larger vocabs in your personal collection at any one point in time. (If you load MeSH and all branches of the GO at once, this may cause problems).

Another thing to check if you are having problems is whether or not Connotea itself is slowing things down. To do this, turn off greasemonkey (and thus ED) by clicking the little monkey at the bottom right corner of the screen (it should turn grey). If things remain problematic, its most likely a network problem or something to do with Connotea (your connection or something on their end).

Keep the bug reports coming.. extermination in progress!