Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"social physics" on Wired

Just a couple snippets from another article about blogging by Clive Thompson at Wired.

"The Internet has inverted the social physics of information..."

"Some of this isn't even about business; it's a cultural shift, a redrawing of the lines between what's private and what's public. A generation has grown up blogging, posting a daily phonecam picture on Flickr and listing its geographic position in real time on Dodgeball and Google Maps. For them, authenticity comes from online exposure. It's hard to trust anyone who doesn't list their dreams and fears on Facebook."

" It's not secrets that are dying, as one reader named gjudd noted, but lies."

"Google is not a search engine. Google is a reputation-management system"

"The reputation economy creates an incentive to be more open, not less"

" Either way, there's no use trying to resist. You're already naked."