Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adobe Apollo

One of the many impressive demos at the Web2.0 expo was Apollo by Adobe. It allows you to to develop applications that comfortably live on the Internet and/or on your computer. I haven't read too deeply into it, but it seems that for websites built in this flash/ajax/html etc. framework, visitors to the website essentially have the option of 'installing' the whole site on their personal computer. A particularly cool thing abou this is that it is totally cross-platform - same thing will run on Mac/PC/Linux etc. (Of course essentially every laptop at the conference was a MacBook of some sort..)

This is clearly Adobe's nuke in the development tools arms race that is swarming aorund Web2.0 businesses. It will be interesting to see how the framework ecosystem looks a year from now - will there be massive extinctions or will we still revel in diversity?


Anonymous said...

Did you see Dekoh at the Web 2.0 expo? They were showing some cool Desktop apps running inside the browser.